This page is a gateway for information about the Urban Communes Project.  The Urban Communes Project (ucp) is a sociological study of American communes.  It is a longitudinal research project that I started in 1974 to study a sample of 60 urban communes and their members and ex-members.  The study continued collecting data from the same people and groups for 27 years.  The communes were drawn from a population of communes in six large urban areas: Atlanta, Boston, Houston, Los Angeles, Minnepolis-St.Paul, and New York.  Ten communes were selected in each of these six cities.  By 2017, only one still existed.

The project archives are currently being shared between the University of Chicago and Columbia University.  If you would like to know more about this project and its data set, contact Professor John L. Martin at the University of Chicago:   jlmartin@uchicago.edu